Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pet Health The Natural Way

Alternative Pet Medicines
by Norma Holt

In the majority of neighborhoods there is hardly a home that does not have a pet of some description and of those two out of three are likely to have at least one dog or cat, if not both. Many keep multiple numbers of cats and dogs with up to 3 pets per household becoming the norm.

They not only bring warmth and comfort to their owners but for many they are like their children. People who live alone are more likely to depend on their animals for companionship than on other humans. The value they give in return for their keep is immeasurable and their loss is often too much to bear.

Like humans they suffer many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, and so on. Unlike humans they cannot tell us what is wrong when they go suddenly off color. They may just become quiet, withdrawn, and go off their food. But the owner will know that something is wrong and a trip to the vet is the usual course of action.

This is how it was in my household until I discovered the value of alternative medicines. Our little furry friends are able to be treated in much the same way as ourselves when given the right stuff to help them back on their feet. In fact alternative medicines for animals follows along much the same path as for humans and they benefit from acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and massage if applied.

The problem is that such treatments are usually expensive and many owners simply cannot afford to spend huge sums on their pets. So why not invest in alternative preventative medicines. There are a heap of these available over the Internet but how does one know who to trust or what products are the best.

That is where a good shopping site is worth a visit. Click the link above to check out the merchants who engage in good research, whose reputation is above board and who have been serving the online community for some time. They are not going to do the wrong thing because they have too much to lose and when you deal with any merchant on this site you are guaranteed that their products are among the best.

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